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Just Rambling

February 27, 2009 --  a day to remember. A day I could never have imagined would come. The day I was returning from San Antonio on a business trip when I learned the news that Pilgrim‟s Pride had announced the closing of both the Farmerville and El Dorado Poultry Processing Plants.

Not only were they closing these plants but their intentions were not to sell the facilities. Unbelievable! Facilities that were making money being closed down or idled as they; like to call it. I had seen... read more

Avoiding Feed‐related Problems in Horses

Avoiding Feed‐related Problems in Horses A properly balanced diet is essential to maximize a horse‟s health and performance. Conversely, feeding mistakes can cause serious health problems and even death. With corn prices on the rise, many horse owners are reevaluating their grain supplementation practices.

The following are some general recommendations to follow when developing a feeding program for horses. Remember, each animal and each farm is different, so it‟s always best to consult... read more

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