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November 2011 Articles

Dedicated To The Ones We Love!
Cowherd Management Tip
Cow-Calf Returns Up But No U.S. Herd Growth in 2011
Farmers and Ranchers Welcome Ratification of Trade Pacts
TDN and feeding the cow herd
The Cost of Keeping a Horse During Hard Times
Sample programs using alternate feed
Commissioner Strain welcomes new free trade agreements
Pecans may be smaller this year, but good quality
Hidden Hay Dangers
Global Demand Drives Food Prices Higher in Third Quarter
Harvest Winter Vegetables at the Proper Time
Tenn. Company licenses 'Scarebot'
Birders from across U.S. flock to south Louisiana
Considerations in feeding litter
Transitions in the Broiler Chicken Industry
New House Bill Prevents EPA Dust Regulation
Cutting Corners
The USDA Ruston Service Center
Just Rambling

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Dedicated To The Ones We Love!

As a three year old many, many years ago I experienced a moment that I have never forgotten. The moment I am referring to is when my Father brought a young bluetick cur cross puppy into our home, sat it down beside me and said, “Son I got you a puppy.” That bluetick colored puppy became known as “Old Blue” and fifteen years later as I was driving home from school I found him lying in the highway where he had been hit by a car. Even though I knew Old Blue had gotten old,... read more

Cowherd Management Tip

 Cowherd Management Tip
Dr. Karl Harborth, LSU AgCenter Beef Cattle Specialist
Body Condition Scoring Key at Weaning Time
Cow-calf producers across the state have faced significant increases in feed and other input costs recently. Most producers are constantly searching for the cheapest way to feed or supplement herds. However, producers may need to look at improving other management practices in order to save on input costs.
There are very few management practices that... read more

Cow-Calf Returns Up But No U.S. Herd Growth in 2011

 COW-CALF RETURNS UP BUT NO U.S. HERD GROWTH IN 2011: Moisture conditions have resulted in two U.S. cow-calf sectors this year, producers with and those without forage. Nationwide, about 25% of the beef cowherd has suffered from debilitating drought this year. Producers outside the drought regions will post strong returns this year due to record high cattle prices. If Mother Nature cooperates in 2012, on a per cow basis, cow-calf operations will post their highest nominal return over cash production... read more

Farmers and Ranchers Welcome Ratification of Trade Pacts

 Farmers and Ranchers Welcome Ratification of Trade Pacts
WASHINGTON, D.C., October 12, 2011 – Congressional ratification of three bilateral free-trade agreements between the United States and Korea, Colombia and Panama, as well as approval of Trade Adjustment Assistance, is welcome news for farmers and ranchers, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.
“Now that Congress has approved... read more

TDN and feeding the cow herd

 TDN and feeding the cow herd

By Paul Beck,Associate Professor Deparment of Animal Science, SWREC, Hope

We recently held a series of drought

management meetings to help producers

affected by this yearʼs drought find ways to keep their cowherds together through the winter. I know this meeting may have

introduced more questions into our minds

than answers. We must remember there is

no ʻone size fits allʼ feeding program... read more


 In the final analysis, it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.—Ann Landers

... read more

The Cost of Keeping a Horse During Hard Times

 The Cost of Keeping a Horse During Hard Times Source: Horse Journal editor Cynthia Foley talks about owning a horse during tough economic times. Yesterday, a close friend called to ask if I wanted her horse.  She travels and doesn’t ride as much as she used to, so the horse has been with another friend for several years. That person... read more

Sample programs using alternate feed

 Sample programs using alternate feed By Paul Beck, Associate Professor Department of Animal Science, SWREC, Hope

In the past couple of months I have gotten several calls about alternate sources of roughage and feeding supplements to replace hay. The majority of calls are regarding a sugarcane byproduct commonly called Sugarcane Bagasse, corn stalks or other crop residues, and rice mill feed type products. Here are some of the results we have gotten from our lab analysis of these products and some possible... read more

Commissioner Strain welcomes new free trade agreements

 Commissioner Strain welcomes new free trade agreements

 Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said the passage of three new free trade agreements with South Korea , Colombia and Panama should provide a long-range boost for Louisiana agricultural producers. 

“These free trade agreements could increase U.S. agricultural exports by $2.3 billion annually,” Strain said. “Any time new markets open up it should be a boost for agricultural exports.”read more

Pecans may be smaller this year, but good quality

 Pecans may be smaller this year, but good quality Source: LSU AgCenter SHREVEPORT, La. – The pecans may be smaller this year because of the drought, but the quality should be good, according to Randy Sanderlin, LSU AgCenter pecan specialist. The 2011 drought caused some trees to shed nuts in August. Yield will be affected statewide, but particularly in northwest Louisiana where the drought was more extreme, Sanderlin said.  “Nuts that... read more

Hidden Hay Dangers

 Hidden Hay Dangers Dr. Karl Harborth , LSU AgCenter

In drought situations, such as the extended one we are facing, it can be difficult to find quality forages for a cow herd. In the search for feed resources, cattle producers have resorted to using forages such as wheat straw, milo and corn stubble, drought-stressed sorghum and corn, and Johnson grass. The problem that arises with utilizing these resources is that some of them are likely to have high nitrate and/or Prussic acid concentrations.

If you... read more

Global Demand Drives Food Prices Higher in Third Quarter

  Global Demand Drives Food Prices Higher in Third Quarter

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 13, 2011 – Strong global demand, especially for pork and other protein-rich foods, was a primary driver behind higher retail prices at the supermarket during the third quarter of 2011, according to the latest American Farm Bureau Federation Marketbasket Survey.... read more

Harvest Winter Vegetables at the Proper Time

 Harvest winter vegetables at the proper time  By Dan Gill, LSU AgCenter Horticulturist

 The vegetables we grow in Louisiana during the cool season are some of the most delicious and nutritious that our home gardens can produce. Many of the vegetables we planted in late summer and early fall are ready to harvest – or will be soon. It is important to harvest vegetables at the proper stage for best results, so here are a few guidelines for some... read more

Tenn. Company licenses 'Scarebot'

 Tenn. company licenses ‘Scarebot’ from LSU AgCenter

Aquatic farmers and others who have problems with aquatic birds now have a source for a machine that can chase birds off ponds and similar water bodies.

Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions of Martin, Tenn., recently acquired a non-exclusive license from the LSU AgCenter for a floating robot designed to frighten birds away from crop ponds.

The small, solar-powered boat – called the “Scarebot” – can run unattended... read more

Birders from across U.S. flock to south Louisiana

 Birders from across U.S. flock to south Louisiana Source: LSU AgCenter

THORNWELL, La. – Birdwatchers from 23 states and two countries converged on rice fields in Jefferson Davis Parish to get a glimpse of the small, elusive bird called the yellow rail.  The Yellow Rail and Rice Festival drew 123 participants last week (Oct. 27-30). For many of the birders, the event was their first chance to check another species off their lists. The birds are... read more

Considerations in feeding litter





Considerations in feeding litter

By Shane Gadberry, Associate Professor Department of Animal Science Cooperative Extension Service, Little Rock,Ar

A few factors to consider when feeding litter:

Digestibility. The normal range for litter total digestible nutrients

(TDN) is 44 to 55%. On average, both gestating and lactating cows will need supplemental energy. Corn, soybean hulls, and hominy would... read more

Transitions in the Broiler Chicken Industry

 Transitions in the Broiler Chicken Industry Ross Pruitt, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness LSU Ag Center Last week saw the third U.S. vertically integrated broiler chicken firm declare bankruptcy in 2011.  Cagle’s of Georgia joined Allen Family Foods and Townsends Incorporated in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which would allow the company to reorganize... read more

New House Bill Prevents EPA Dust Regulation

  New House Bill Prevents EPA Dust Regulation

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 25, 2011 – The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging members of the House to support a bill that would exclude from federal regulation dust that occurs naturally in the course of normal farming activities.

Arizona Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Rogers testified on behalf of AFBF to a subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce regarding H.R. 1633, the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act. Rogers called for... read more


 The love we give away is the only love we keep.

Elbert Hubbard

... read more

Cutting Corners

  Here are a couple of quick and easy recipes to add a different twist to your regular dinner menu. Both of these can easily be doubled for larger families.

Corn and Rice Casserole

1/4c onion 1can cream styled corn

1/4c bell pepper salt and pepper to taste

1/2 c rice, cooked grated cheese

Saute’ onion and bell pepper in butter. Add cooked rice, corn , salt and pepper. Mix well and pour into casserole. Top with grated cheese; bake at 350º until cheese... read more

The USDA Ruston Service Center






* PLEASE... read more

Just Rambling

 Just Rambling: It was a beautiful afternoon and even a more beautiful night on the day of October 6th, 2011. I say this for two reasons –first to emphasize that the day and night were beautiful and we should always try to appreciate the natural blessings that God has provided for us in this world but secondly to point out that the weather wasn’t an excuse that could be used for not coming out to the Political Forum held on this evening at the Willie Davis Recreation center located in Farmerville, La. This political forum sponsored... read more

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