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Charlie Daniels

 Charlie Daniels,

I don’t know if I know anyone in this world who hasn’t, at some point in his or her life, wanted a puppy. I know that I’ve always wanted a puppy. Pretty much every time I’ve seen a puppy my initial reaction was to want it. I decided last summer that I wanted a puppy for real though. I wasn’t sure what my living arrangements would be the next year, if I’d be living a lone or what, and so I liked the idea of having someone there... read more

Just Rambling, August 2014

 Just Rambling:

What a summer we have had. Ample rainfall which means ample hay. My son was home from New Orleans last week and as we were building fence I caught myself complaining about all the hay I had to cut. How could I complain? After three consecutive years of drought I must have had one of those slothful moments. As I get older I seem to have them more often. As the old saying goes—”I must be getting sorry in my old age.” After I made the statement... read more

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