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August 2020 Articles

• Just Rambling August 2020 Issue:
Scripture To Live By: Psalm 37:1-4,9
Spiritual Corner: Humility Unmasked
Livestock and Forage Interactions
Guidance Regarding How to Handle Unsolicited Seed Materials
Heat Stress Impacts All Aspects of Cattle Reproduction
Soil Health in Forage Systems
Plants, the essentials of life
Feral Swine Population
LDWF Update
AgCenter entomologist studies physiological pathways’ role in honeybee health,
A problem is a chance for you to do your best.—Duke Ellington
Choosing the right warm-season forage for deer
Use summer to plan your fall garden
Strain: USMCA major victory for agriculture
Invasive Species Impacting Crops
Additional Coronavirus Relief Critical to Farm Businesses
USDA Report on Beef Prices First Step Toward Fairer Markets
AgCenter presents virtual field day from Dean Lee
Beef Brunch Educational Series
Beginning farmer training program begins Oct. 1 in Baton Rouge
LSU AgCenter Sweet Potato Field Day
Blueberry Pound Cake

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Just Rambling August 2020 Issue:

Just Rambling: Who would have ever thought that this pandemic would have continued this long and it appears that we are a long way from seeing the end of it. To make things even worse we have rioting in several big cities throughout our nation in addition to the pandemic. I don’t care what political party you belong to, this situation makes it hard to govern a city, a state, and our nation. I think most politicians are like me—they have never experienced this before. I really wish our governing officials in Washington and throughout the nation could work together better—it would definitely be better for our nation. In 2nd Timothy 3:1 it says, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come”. I know I have quoted this scripture in a “Just Rambling” earlier this year, but with everything happening it really makes me wonder. I see all these riots under the disguise of Black Lives Matter, which they do matter just like all lives, but it appears that the blacks are suffering more. In Seattle, during their takeover, I believe three young black men were killed. In Chicago, there is a constant stream of killing and most of them are black—and some of them have been young children. In New York and Atlanta, babies have been killed. There have been peaceful marches in these cities and others, but invariably the looters and hardcore criminals become a part of the march and then trouble begins. I feel so sorry for these intercity people that are trying to live a peaceful life—working to rear their families and enjoy life. This is where our law enforcement comes in—we need our law enforcement people or this nation will soon dissolve into a nation of crime. Sure, all law enforcement are not the best, but it is a very small percentage of law enforcement that are a problem. I personally want to thank all law enforcement for the job they do—without them, as I said, we will become a nation of crime. These rioters, looters, and protestors talk about how they hate our nation, but they don’t want to leave it. If things are that bad then why do we have people constantly trying to come to this nation, both legally and illegally? Why don’t these protestors leave? They have it good here because they can prey off of good, honest, hardworking people of all races. These evil people are made up of white, black, Hispanic, and other races that just want to destroy property and steal for hardworking Americans of all races. They are being funded by who knows who and many cities and states have passed laws that don’t hold them accountable for tier actions. I saw on TV a young man push down an old woman on a walker in New York City. When they finally caught him, he had over 200 criminal charges against him, but he was out walking the street. My father used to have a saying about some of these bad guys, “They need to be whipped with a two-hand club”. My father was a military policeman in World War II, so I imagine he had experience in the above saying. When you don’t hold criminals accountable for their actions, then their behavior just escalates. The Bible says, “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” and that is what is happening in our nation with a lot of these young looters and rioters. They have never been taught respect and one of the political parties appears to be condoning this behavior. The rest of 2020 will tell the tale. We will be much better all around by January 2021 or we will be much worst. I hope and pray that this pandemic will be over and our nation will realize how much our law enforcement means to this nation and these riots with looting and burning will cease. Please pray with me that our nation can overcome these problems. I hope everyone that receives an Ag Trader and your families are all healthy and safe. I want to extend my sincere sympathy to anyone that has lost a loved one and a get well message to anyone that may be sick. May God Bless. —Van Bennett


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